Most young people fail at translating their passion and angst to us “grown ups”. It’s easy to roll our eyes and dismiss their efforts. Enter, Sarah Rose Smiley. A sixteen-year-old photographer from Madison, Wisconsin, ¬†Smiley burst through the clamor of the web and impressed this former teenager. There is certainly room for her to refine her skills as as she gets older, but I hope she manages to hold onto the clarity of her vision as time marches on. Kudos to her.

from her site:

i’m sarah rose smiley; photographer, currently 16 years young. as a child, i was always fascinated with the tales of scheherazade. this led to the title of my work – “schaharazad” – an alternate spelling for an alternate storyteller.

i have had a camera in my hand for the past 2 years- and i will never put it down. i love lace, love, bokeh, best friends, and life (in all its complicated simplicity.)