“Life, death, love, passion, beauty: these things don’t need words to explain.” – Bingyi //

Friends in Australia just sent over word after visiting the White Rabbit Collection, a gallery in Sydney featuring the work of contemporary Chinese artists. They were raving about the space, the work and the overall experience. Apparently, they’re not alone, as a quick google search brings high praise from a wide variety of sources.

From the site:

“The Collection started in late 2000 with a handful of pieces. Ten years on, it includes the works of more than 160 artists, in media from calligraphy and oil painting to embroidery, animation, and interactive video. Together they document a decade in which, having fast-forwarded eagerly through the history of modern Western art, Chinese artists leaped into the future with works as boldly original as they were technically masterful.”

Photos above include artists that are currently on display, as well as past exhibitors:
(clockwise from top) Shi Jindian, Zhang Chun Hong, Cong Lingqi, Bingyi, Chi Lei, Cong Lingqi, Cang Xin