Artists Norman Beierle + Hester Kei­jserare are from Ger­many and Hol­land, respec­tively. This duo documented the clean, simple beauty of the some of the world’s greatest museums with their cameras. They dodged the framed work completely and focused instead on the clean lines and quiet of the spaces in cities like Budapest and Berlin.

Comments on this particular project:
“Despite all the efforts to make the environment of the artworks as unobtrusive and invisible as possible, the spaces maintain a very specific presence that cannot be done away with. This is the paradox of the white cube. Designed to be invisible, the spaces only become all the more present, albeit in a different and more lasting manner than the actual artworks presented in them.

This phenomenon is what we intend to capture with the Inside Museums of Modern Art series. We are not so much interested in the architecture of these spaces as in the impressions they leave on the visitors. Therefore, we only photograph during exhibitions and capture what you see when looking away from the artworks.”

This work is only the tip of the iceberg as they also churn out paintings, collaborate on multiple community projects and are prolific shooters.