Raymond Molinar is one of dozens of artists (and skateboarders) represented this Friday at This gallery in Los Angeles. Photographers and husband-and-wife duo Jeremy and Claire Weiss are two of the five artists behind this newly formed creative space in the Highland Park neighborhood of LA. Some familiar names showing on Friday include Shepard Fairey, Alex Prager, Todd Selby and Jason Lee.  I’ve been following the work of the Weisseseses (sounds fun) for years and look forward to seeing what else they have in store for This. Be sure to check out the gallery’s blog to see what their friends (including Mr. Molinar) were up to when they stopped by the space to say hi.

“THIS is a group of 5 artists pooling their resources under one roof to provide an outlet for themselves and other creative people. The intention of THIS is to provide a gallery space which brings friends and family together in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles not just for traditional gallery shows, but a venue for artists to speak about their work, to interact with their audience and facilitate a creative atmosphere in the community.”