Design Worship in Germany

Design that can render you speechless by students at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Students created this “chapel for a local ecumenical church co-operative” in a small town in Germany. Local residents helped construct the gorgeous structure. More info here.

Shiny Happy Computers in Amsterdam

“I am white. I am shiny. I am ceramic. I was made by hand moulded and shaped and glazed. I am unique. I am like a sculpture, a vase, a bowl. I am brilliant. There is no other like me. Inside me is a powerful machine.” PlushDepartment of Amsterdam introduces computers for a modern lifestyle....

Interactive, Wearable Art in Denmark

Through December 21st, an experiment in audience-participatory art is live at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark. Social Souvenir has 300 t-shirts on display for purchase. Each shirt includes a quote from one of fifteen renowned artists like Yoko Ono, Erik Satie and Marcel Duchamp. Once you purchase your shirt, you enter your...

The Planet’s Pulse at MoMA

The New York Time Exchange has developed a variety of real-time exhibitions now on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The projects ask: “How does the city of New York connect to other cities? With which cities does New York have the strongest ties and how do these relationships shift with time? How...

Jonathan Harris Makes Dating Beautiful