Outdoor Design Via Spain

Outdoor Design Via Spain

La Mamba, a design collective based in Valencia, Spain recently created a line of clever and beautiful modern outdoor furniture called Minai (above). Aside from the fact that the actual pieces are cohesive and gorgeous, I really love their use of photography in the overall brand aesthetic. Below are a few other wonders that have come...

Peering Over You

There is something magical about these massive murals by Cuban-born Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. The faces aren’t necessarily recognizable except by a few. They are honest. And they are looking over the world’s cities like gentle giants. Rodriguez-Gerada is based in New York and Barcelona. More work here.

Spanish Angles

Just spotted: The Archeology Museum of Alava in Vitoria, Spain. It’s a beautiful construction that may distract visitors from the actual contents. Designed by Francisco Mangado / Mangado & Asociados.¬† {via Designgeist }