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Sweetness in the Park

My dear friends Steve and Joycie are getting married! And aside from being one of the most fun + inspiring couples I know, they’re darn photogenic. Check out the results of an engagement shoot in Los Angeles by talented (and super sweet, according to Joycie) wedding photographer Sarah Yates.

Last Weekend at MOCA

This is the last weekend for two exhibits at MOCA that are worth checking out if you’re in the Los Angeles area. The work of one of my absolute favorite photographers, Robert Frank, is on display through Monday. In addition, the exhibit, “Collecting History: Highlighting Recent Aquisitions” is also finishing up this weekend.

Homey + Hot in Hollywood

Vinolio is a charming new restaurant/bar in Hollywood. Why is this any different than the dozen other spots opening on any given night in Los Angeles? The four owners are attempting to give patrons something that is hard to find in the City of Sprawl: a comfortable, homey, neighborhood spot serving incredible food and wine....

A Glimpse of East Side Los Angeles

Studio Number One Says: Zine Culture Alive and Kicking

This Saturday a parking lot on the east side of Los Angeles will be packed with artists and onlookers when Studio Number One (home of Shepard Fairey) launches Simpleasures 01. This exhibition/discussion/exploration will “showcase independent publishing and experimenting in zine making from Los Angeles and beyond.” Click here for more details about Saturday’s events. Not...

Photographer in Search of Muses

Copyright 2008 Roxann Arwen Mills Highly respected and well-established fine art photographer, Roxann Arwen Mills, is looking for women to be photographed. Her new project is “attempting to see between the lines of what we’re told is seductive” by the American media and western culture. To be a part of this truly amazing project (be...

Fabrik Magazine

Check out the new LA culture rag, Fabrik. It…”profiles some of the most influential, creative innovators and features trendsetting artists, gallery owners, interior designers and fashion designers inhabiting Los Angeles.”

Love a Good Variety Store

Coco’s Variety on the East Side in Los Angeles, CA that I wish I still lived close to. If you do, you should go and buy a bike, a Mexican Coke or a piece of candy asap.