Sketching in London

Kenn Goodall is a young and very talented painter based in London. His sketchbooks caught my eye. Click here to check them out on his site.

Skype Goes Retro

This beautiful Skype handmade wooden phone caught my eye today. It’s made from a single solid piece of American walnut (which is in plentiful supply).  Each PAPPA*PHONE is handmade by Furni in Montreal, Canada and you can buy it via Hulger.

Plucked in London

Photographer Geir Moseid‘s series Plucked investigates the ‘duality of the home’…how sometimes things are not what they seem, and also addresses conceptions of safety and vulnerability.  The clean, stark images are quietly intriguing, and on display at the Flowers East gallery in London September 19 through October 18.

Living Font on London’s Walls

We stumbled on this elegant ‘moss graffiti’ via Designed by Anna Garforth in London, the Mossenger Project is part of an ongoing public art experiment. The wall illustrates a poem by Eleanor Stevens on wall near Clissold Park in London.  This is part of YCN Live, a two-week international exhibition that will “take new...

Bright Lights in London

LightHive, a beautiful, dreamlike installation by architect Alex Haw, was recently on display at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in Bedford Square. Learn more about the artist here.

Pulsating Tribalism

Is there a fresh, new ‘inward tribalism’ moving our cultures and subcultures en masse? The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London thinks so. They’re hosting an evening of movement, reflection and exploration on June 28th, featuring DJ Steve Bicknell and Brooklyn’s Gang Gang Dance. Click here for the full lineup. Or, better yet, mark...

Simon Heys Has a Lightbulb Moment

I just stumbled onto the work of British designer Simon Heys this afternoon. Although I found his site via press about his very clever flash Word Clock Screensaver, I was taken by the above pieces. View all of his work here.

Cab as Studio

Today we learned about Black Cab Sessions, the “smallest, quickest and hippest gig in town and takes place in the back of a London black cab” says the London Observer. BCS invites musicians to the back of their cab for quick one-take recording sessions and the results are definitely unique…