Innovation via East London

Innovation via East London

It’s more than likely you’ve already spotted the innovative work of illustrator/typographer/photographer/artist Sean Freeman. He’s been published and hired by in dozens of well-respected names like VH1, Nike, Wired and The New York Times Magazine. London-based and successfully self-employed, he is “one of the most exciting and innovative illustrators to emerge from the UK in...

Catalog Photo Redux

I am in love with this personal and creative approach to marketing. European clothing brand Edwin invites different photographers to interpret each of their seasonal collections.  The most recent SS11 release is just as beautiful as past iterations with work by photographer Benjamin Robinson*.  Although I do love The Selby,  I prefer Robinson’s approach to...

Whimsical in the UK

Delicate observations and comments on the world from a young artist in London via The Unicorn Diaries. Presumably penned by artist Bunny Mitford, the work and writings deliver me to the heaviness and magic of being a young girl. Dreamlike, whimsical, syrupy sweet and melancholy. It’s easy to get lost here on a just-right hazy...

Modern Lines in London

Creative, funky, quirky innovation from London-based concept store Darkroom.

London-based Imagination

The work of Doshi Levien is clean, curious, quirky and imaginative. Oh, and beautiful. This London-based studio is lead by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi.  Their website explains that their work “celebrates the cultural hybrid and explores the synthesis between technology, story telling, industrial design and craftsmanship.”

Cleverly Useful via East London

Labour and Wait appreciates that the form of the tools and items that make our day-to-day more convenient is just as important as their function.  This lovely store has three brick-and-mortar locations in Japan and two in London. Bruce Pask of the New York Times puts it best: “the store’s contemporary take on antique staples...

Innovative Illustration

Beautiful work by HelloVon studio.

Ryan McGinley in London

©copyright Ryan McGinley My previous indifference towards Ryan McGinley’s photos (despite the hype) has dissipated since viewing his latest collection, Moonmilk. This series of gorgeous, haunting shots is now on display at the Alison Jacques gallery in London through October 8th.

This British Photog = More, please.

Happy accident. I bumped into the work of Nick Waplington randomly in a friend-of-a-friend’s facebook album today while sitting in the Las Vegas airport. This British photographer “transforms mundane subjects into arresting images well-worth a double-take,” according to Paper Magazine. I can’t find his official site, so a google search or a visit to Paper...

Bardot in Your Living Room

Rare, vintage papparazzi prints of the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot on display in London at the James Hyman Gallery. Visit, purchase, or just click and browse images of an icon. {via FP}

Paper Dance

I spotted this incredible HP Invent video on Vimeo and was intrigued enough to find out who was behind this insane one minute and twenty seconds. Check out these clever and talented Londoners: Tom Wrigglesworth Matthew Robinson

Drawing to Music at ICA in London

Starting this evening, the ICA inaugurates a brand new series, Heavy Pencil. This monthly event features professional illustrators sketching to their favorite music. This month’s artists are the very talented Bob London and Ian Stevenson. Check it out.