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Creativity Doesn’t Suffer Recessionitis in Vegas

I spent two days in Vegas for the apparel shows last month and lucky for me, this time I wore sensible shoes. Twice a year Vegas hosts thousands of designers in shows like Pool, Project, Magic and ENK. This year I was struck by the innovative ways brands are balancing the need for their booth...

Vegas: And So it Begins

The big apparel shows that visit Vegas twice a year (Magic, Project, and ENK) are like dress-up for grown ups. The people-watching is double-o-c, but some of the lines on display are even more track-stoppable than the girl in neon pink tights (and matching flats). Some of the truly inspired lines I’ve been spotting will...

Postcards from Vegas

Just got back from a whirlwind two days in Las Vegas for fashion tradeshows Project + ENK. Although ENK feels like a sophisticated and elite cocktail party, Project is like a trendy circus.  A plethora of chandeliers, discoballs, photobooths and creative seating dotted the convention center.  Above are images from the scene. More here.