Cultural Intimacy

Manjari Sharma‘s series of shower images are intimate, voyeuristic and eerily beautiful. For the past few months, the Indian-born, New York-based photographer has been inviting men and women who are essentially strangers into her bathroom-turned-studio to create portraits. She has subsequently experienced “the fastest, most disarming relationships I have formed with people in this country.”...

India’s Past and Present Collide

Image copyright by Ed Kashi. Thanks to a nudge from a friend at Intelligent Travel, I was steered towards an incredible collection of photographs today. Renowned photographer Ed Kashi travelled to India to document the construction of a new superhighway. Journalist Don Belt explains: “India’s new national highway, part crushed rock and asphalt, part yellow...

Stillness in India

I am compelled to post the striking work of Indian photographer Anay Mann…his images speak volumes with such intense silence, a trait many photographers strive for, but find elusive.. I spotted his work on Lost at Eminor (highly recommended site)