Oddities in Brooklyn

The clean, minimalist design of this site highlights the dozens of beautiful articles at INDEX in Brooklyn. INDEX is “an evolving catalogue of materials and articles, some unique and some ordinary, but all exceptional in their purpose, character and origin.”  Items are for display, sale and rental.

Hand Held in Melbourne

This tiny gallery-and-storefront in Melbourne is jam-packed with object-based art, including artist books, zines, and other clever objects. If you’re local, Hand Held is located at 108 Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia. Stop by or peruse their website/blog to see shots around the store.

French Blogger Curates in Berlin

‘Quompendium’ is a Berlin exhibition curated by Charlotte Cheetham, the French blogger and creator of, a site for graphic designers featuring the work of Europeans.   Photos from the opening can be viewed here.

Plucked in London

Photographer Geir Moseid‘s series Plucked investigates the ‘duality of the home’…how sometimes things are not what they seem, and also addresses conceptions of safety and vulnerability.  The clean, stark images are quietly intriguing, and on display at the Flowers East gallery in London September 19 through October 18.

Shipyard Art in Berkeley

The Shipyard is “a collaborative build space for large-scale mechanical, kinetic and electronic artwork”. This art collective’s “citizens” create large-scale projects around this 11,000 square foot space in Berkeley, CA.

Beijing’s Creative Commons

It’s no longer a big secret that the arts scene in China is booming, and the main creative HQ in bustling Beijing is the 798 Arts District. The number symbolizes “arts, vanguards, unchained personalities and alternative life goals.”  You can learn more about this inspiring enclave here and here. Shown above: Check out Xu Yong,...

Math is Beautiful

I stumbled onto the work of Jared Tarbell today, a programmer who describes himself as “one part Magical Mystery Tour, one part Brandenburg Concerto, and one part Somnium.” Tarbell crafts algorithm-based work viewable at his online gallery I have a healthly obsession with the ‘living, breathing’ work of computer artists, and this discovery was...

The Process is the Moment

You work and work and tweak and modify and revise and edit and finally give birth to your creation…but is the result as revelatory as you anticipated? Was the end result anti-climactic? Was the foreplay more thrilling than the climax? A new personal project by a group of artists who call themselves Exploratory Design “latches...

The Planet’s Pulse at MoMA

The New York Time Exchange has developed a variety of real-time exhibitions now on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The projects ask: “How does the city of New York connect to other cities? With which cities does New York have the strongest ties and how do these relationships shift with time? How...

Advertising Literally Thinks Out of the Box

In a day when consumers are demanding more and more of their brands, Formavision‘s “art campaign” approach to promotion offers a creative, unconventional method by literally changing the consumer’s three-dimensional experience. It’s the obvious goal of any brand to attempt to separate themselves from our noisy visual landscape. Extreme alterations of physical environments will certainly...