Tenderness from France

I was recently struck by the work of French photographer Lisa Klein Michel. She captures children in a really beautiful, quiet, thoughtful manner. Unfortunately, my French is poor (re: non-existent) so I don’t know much more about her. Much of the work on her site is advertising-related and shot in a more corporate style, but...

French Photography Magazine Polka

Although written completely in French, Polka needs little translation. This magazine features the work of dozens of incredible photojournalists and describes itself as “the modern version of Life magazine”. The Polka brand also runs a gallery.located in the Marais district of Paris. I haven’t come across a publication this dense with rich and passionate documentary...

Sensory Confusion via France

Accomplished French photographer Frédéric Lebain plays tricks on you with these simple yet beautifully composed photographs of New York City. Time and space collide with these clever shots. More about Lebain here.

French Blogger Curates in Berlin

‘Quompendium’ is a Berlin exhibition curated by Charlotte Cheetham, the French blogger and creator of, a site for graphic designers featuring the work of Europeans.   Photos from the opening can be viewed here.

Sparkle from Paris

Moustache is a Paris-based editing house that creates beautiful moving things.

Sleep with Butterflies in Paris

Most cannot afford haute couture (or can realistically wear to the office or summer bbq), but there is something in the details, the precision, the quirk, the whimsy, the fun…that’s draws throngs to the work of Christian LaCroix. Now anyone with approximately 300 Euros can sleep among his wonderland of butterflies, characters, thrones and other...

Tiny Mobile Hotel Rooms in France

Hotel overflow during large-scale events now have a stylish, modern option in France. “Abilmo has the key to solve the lack of accommodation where and when it is required.” Each tiny standalone room has its own bathroom, shower, television and tiny amenities to please even the most persnickety guest. So, the next time you head...