Hug a Tree

I spend most of my time living in a desert landscape. It can be incredibly magical and gorgeous, even or especially due to the sparse environment. But the moment I am around big, old trees, something inside me softens and cheers. Living away from them has given me a new appreciation for these big beauties....

Eco Sculpture in Sweden

More encouragement to get the single-driver off the road. This time it’s delivered in an incredibly creative way. Fifty cars literally equal one bus. Brilliant advertising campaign, in my opinion. Check it out here and here. {via psfk}

Tiny Mobile Hotel Rooms in France

Hotel overflow during large-scale events now have a stylish, modern option in France. “Abilmo has the key to solve the lack of accommodation where and when it is required.” Each tiny standalone room has its own bathroom, shower, television and tiny amenities to please even the most persnickety guest. So, the next time you head...

Bench it

The outdoor, space-saving Rox Bench is perfect for those of you with limited outdoor space. Check it out here.

Solar House

via Treehugger

Talk About Funtional

We saw this post on Treehugger a couple months ago and kept meaning to post it because it is such a brilliant idea. Check it out.

Bagging the Bag

We all try to avoid becoming plastic bag collectors by bringing our own totes to the grocery store. Here’s a great option called Baggu, designed by mother-daughter team “Emily and Joan” in California. The bags have a clean, classic look, are incredibly durable, and clearly practical. One Baggu holds the contents of 2 to 3...

Moonlight on the Dining Room Table

A clever and beautiful idea from Tobias Wong. Leave the mason jar – like item outside all day and it will glow like moonlight all evening. Great way to create a romantic mood sans candles. Buy it here. [via Charles and Marie]