Holiday Gift Guide #1: We Feel Fine

At a recent conference, I met web design pioneer Joshua Davis and kicked myself for feeling like such a giddy/geeky teenager (he did admit that he wasn’t accustomed to female groupies). I imagine I would feel the same if I were to meet digital artist, Jonathan Harris. I so admire what he has been creating...

Great Tumblr Designs

Designer and Editor  Laura Miner (formerly of JPG magazine) posted her favorite Tumblogs here and suggested others do the same. So, here are my favorite Tumblr Designs: (in no particular order except for #1) By Ryan Sims, Virb’s lead designer. - – - - (Laura...

On the Bus

Behind the Wheel is a feature length mixed-media-style documentary about a group of filmmakers called the Los Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative (LAFCO) who take a “wonderful, quixotic adventure” across the US in a tricked out 1985 Chevy school bus.  But this is no band of merry pranksters.  On board is a fully self-sufficient digital studio so...

Making News Beautiful

Aggregating news in a beautiful, logical, effective way. Check out Thanks to AK for the link.

Follow Me, Please

American-born Hasan Elani, a professor at Rutgers in New Jersey, was detained in a US airport as a suspected terrorist in 2002.  Innocent and irritated, he responded to this invasion of his life by creating Tracking Here you will find Alani’s exact location via gps, view photos of what he sees and eats, and...

Facebook Goes Abstract

Yes, social networking can be beautiful. Above is an example from a Facebook app called Personality Patterns. A nice way to ‘pretty up’ your profile.

Truly American

The dissemination and translation of statistics and data into visual form can be magical, even beautiful. Watching someone take disparate information and translate it into something we can all understand and enjoy visually can be fascinating.  FlowingData posted this strange yet pretty animation of the growth of Walmart since its inaugural store opened in Arkansas...

Interactive, Wearable Art in Denmark

Through December 21st, an experiment in audience-participatory art is live at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark. Social Souvenir has 300 t-shirts on display for purchase. Each shirt includes a quote from one of fifteen renowned artists like Yoko Ono, Erik Satie and Marcel Duchamp. Once you purchase your shirt, you enter your...

Elegant Simplicity in Rotterdam

I was introduced to Dutch designer Rudin Swagerman‘s work after purchasing a license for BananAlbum, an online flash gallery he created.  Although this tool has been helpful for me on a few projects, I was most taken by his elegant, streamlined online design. Swagerman doesn’t break the mold (which can be exhausting), but instead takes...

Ethereal Animation for Amon Tobin

Magical, ethereal, beautiful. Notice, a design duo based out of New York and Montreal, created videos for Brazilian musician Amon Tobin’s website. Notice designed and animated “five creatures to correspond with field recording samples and original music” by Tobin.  You can view the videos here.

Your Sitemap is Gorgeous

Enter a web address here and see a visual representation of any site on the web. So beautiful.

Funky Forest

Check this out.