New Vector Graphics from YWFT

A bunch of beautiful new vector art just went online at You Work For Them. A great site for inspiration or help with projects and they have a rockin book area. Check it out.

Holiday Gift Guide #1: We Feel Fine

At a recent conference, I met web design pioneer Joshua Davis and kicked myself for feeling like such a giddy/geeky teenager (he did admit that he wasn’t accustomed to female groupies). I imagine I would feel the same if I were to meet digital artist, Jonathan Harris. I so admire what he has been creating...

Get Inspired: Bright in NYC

A little bright and sparkly neon inspiration from the streets of Manhattan.

Vintage Finds in Argentina

Years ago, an American spotted beautiful vintage seltzer bottles at the Sunday flea market in the historic neighborhood San Telmo in Buenos Aires. He bought as many as he could carry and, once back in The States, his friends and family bought them up. He created Russell Johnson Imports in response to their hunger for...

Happy Feet

A super-small shoe company creating sleek, simple and comfy homes for your feet.  Zuriick was created by two friends out of Salt Lake City, Utah. USA. Shop away, happy walkers.

The Bold Dutch

Bold Design, a creative trio out of The Netherlands, conjure up a myriad of beautifully designed items worth a closer look. The craftsmanship and attention to detail makes it clear that this group is putting their communal heart into each creation. Check out more here.

My Kind of RV

If you’re going to live mobile, this is the way to do it.  Check out Mehrzeller,  “the multicellular caravan”.

You Kept Them Busy

This past spring, two clever art school students decided to spend a week in a storefront in the town of Lincoln, England. The plan was to create as much as possible for as long as possible based on both their own ideas and in response to suggestions from friends and strangers. It was a success....

Studio NuFabric

The work of graphic design studio NuFabric. More here.

Retail at the Gagosian

A new retail space is opening at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC . {via coolhunting}

Old + New in Berlin

Beautiful apartment renovation by Berlin Rodeo in, um…Berlin. {via Design Milk}

Postcards from Vegas

Just got back from a whirlwind two days in Las Vegas for fashion tradeshows Project + ENK. Although ENK feels like a sophisticated and elite cocktail party, Project is like a trendy circus.  A plethora of chandeliers, discoballs, photobooths and creative seating dotted the convention center.  Above are images from the scene. More here.