Outdoor Design Via Spain

Outdoor Design Via Spain

La Mamba, a design collective based in Valencia, Spain recently created a line of clever and beautiful modern outdoor furniture called Minai (above). Aside from the fact that the actual pieces are cohesive and gorgeous, I really love their use of photography in the overall brand aesthetic. Below are a few other wonders that have come...

Modular in Brooklyn

Like legos for grown-ups, these clever and modern modular pieces offer a multitude of decorative options for your home or office. ModulA.R.T. was created by Donald Rattner in order to represent a new way to create, collect and think about contemporary art. The goal of A.R.T is to “make high quality, original art more accessible...

A La Carte in Stuttgart

Working in the spirit of the great German design tradition is Studio Stadtnomaden. Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapfased are the lead designers in this Stuttgart-based design haven. They’ve created numerous genius pieces (like the ‘little helper’ doormat and the coffee maker that looks like a transistor radio), but my personal favorite is the A la...

Illustration Via Germany

The work of 25-year-old artist Valentin Fischer (aka “Shu”) based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Recovering from Austin: Lessons from SXSWi

Before I left for Austin, I spent a little time online looking for tips in order to fully reap the benefits of SXSW, gather some insider info, etc. I scoffed at most of the them (drink a lot of water, rest, blah, blah), but in hindsight…I get it: A few days in Austin during SXSW...

Magnum in Georgia

In 2009, Magnum sent ten photographers to Georgia to capture its “renaissance, its revival, its awakening.” The project resulted in eleven web documentaries, a book, a touring exhibition and this beautiful website. Photos above by Thomas Dworzak, Martine Frank, and Martin Parr.

Sustainable Design in Brooklyn

While in Las Vegas last week for the apparel shows, I stopped by sales and branding agency Indigo Showroom‘s booth. While looking through their client roster, I discovered Uhuru, a Brooklyn-based furniture company focused on environmental sustainability with an avant garde design sense. Uhuru was founded in 2004 by RISD grads Jason Horvath and Bill...

Getting Visual in Indy

Creative professional, Nathan Shinkle, recently re-launched his portfolio with a healthy chunk of beautiful design work. Shinkle spent most of his career working in the garment-printing industry and recently made the switch to interactive. He now works for Indianapolis-based design firm Media Sauce.

Modern Lines in London

Creative, funky, quirky innovation from London-based concept store Darkroom.

London-based Imagination

The work of Doshi Levien is clean, curious, quirky and imaginative. Oh, and beautiful. This London-based studio is lead by Jonathan Levien and Nipa Doshi.  Their website explains that their work “celebrates the cultural hybrid and explores the synthesis between technology, story telling, industrial design and craftsmanship.”

Melbourne’s Beautiful Overhaul

Refreshingly clean and colorful, the City of Melbourne‘s new identity made Brand New’s “Best of Identities” list for 2009. Can’t say I disagree. The new identity is clean, flexible and says that the city is progressive, vibrant and not afraid to go there. Nice work by Landor.

Beautiful Loser Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell is a renowned artist, filmmaker, surfer and general craftsman of super cool creations that I personally love.  He is best known as “one of the Beautiful Losers, the bicoastal movement of street-smart artists who take their cues from underground culture — skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, you know, low-brow art. The school of art that...