Photo Break

A smattering of photos for your enjoyment via Nice Philosophy, a tumblr site that aggregates beautiful shots from all over the web. As far as I can tell, it is run by Steph,  a  “darling rebel, brunette, feminist, passionate, earnest, enigmatic, cultured, meticulous, intellectual” studying in British Columbia, Canada.

Uppercase in Calgary

  While in Canada visiting a client, I wandered through a downtown art complex and discovered Uppercase Gallery. Sadly, they were already closed for the day. So I took a couple shots and checked it out online back in my hotel room. The store is beautiful, and so is the website. Both great resources by...

A Canadian Draws

I stumbled onto the beautiful work of Marian Bantjes this morning.  You’ve seen her work on the covers of books, magazines and other arty locales. Accomplished, Canadian, art school dropout, designer, illustrator…generally a creator of truly beautiful, varied work.  She is “eclectic while still personally identifiable.” Her advice to designers (that I happen to agree...