Assouline Flagship in Vegas

Luxury art publisher Assouline opened their first flagship store in Las Vegas. Here’s a sneak peek into this beautifully merchandised and designed store. I love the lux living room decor and strict attention to detail, like the vintage books and original artwork strategically placed throughout the space. Absolutely worth a visit or three.

Magnum in Georgia

In 2009, Magnum sent ten photographers to Georgia to capture its “renaissance, its revival, its awakening.” The project resulted in eleven web documentaries, a book, a touring exhibition and this beautiful website. Photos above by Thomas Dworzak, Martine Frank, and Martin Parr.

New Vector Graphics from YWFT

A bunch of beautiful new vector art just went online at You Work For Them. A great site for inspiration or help with projects and they have a rockin book area. Check it out.

Holiday Gift Guide #1: We Feel Fine

At a recent conference, I met web design pioneer Joshua Davis and kicked myself for feeling like such a giddy/geeky teenager (he did admit that he wasn’t accustomed to female groupies). I imagine I would feel the same if I were to meet digital artist, Jonathan Harris. I so admire what he has been creating...

Euro Guidebooks

Designed to read more like an art book or niche zine than a Lonely Planet guide, Le Cool Books are simply dreamy travel books.  I was already intrigued after going through the sample layouts for cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona, but I love them even more for their declaring that they are “completely independent, we...

Studio Number One Says: Zine Culture Alive and Kicking

This Saturday a parking lot on the east side of Los Angeles will be packed with artists and onlookers when Studio Number One (home of Shepard Fairey) launches Simpleasures 01. This exhibition/discussion/exploration will “showcase independent publishing and experimenting in zine making from Los Angeles and beyond.” Click here for more details about Saturday’s events. Not...

Magnum Photographer in Norway

If you happen to be in Norway, I highly recommend attending an exhibit in Oslo at the Nobel Peace Center showing the work of Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen from his book titled The Places We Live. Not in Norway? You can buy the book at Aperture‘s website.

Art Book Secret

Small, independent publisher Nieves is based in Zurich, Switzerland.