Jose Caballer of The Groop posted some staycation iphone shots (above) on Facebook that are so beautiful I just had to share. Jose and his wife, Lorraine Molina, are talented artists living in downtown Los Angeles. Lorraine used to run the Bank gallery and now oversees LM Projects.

Their connection to esteemed photographer Michael Kenna? None that I’m aware of, but their shots of Santa Monica beach immediately reminded me of a Kenna show I saw at the Prague House of Photography when I was living there in 1997. Back then, I was still using film and couldn’t even fathom the concept of an iPhone.  I was a 22-year-old photographer looking for adventure and The Party. I wasn’t really feeling the work, but my 30-something friends were gushing.

Now, ten years later, rediscovering Kenna’s work is like a gift. The peace, depth and calm of his photographs are just what the doctor ordered, especially during this holiday onslaught of Santa and retail. I hope they bring you some calm (if you need it) as we head into the weekend. Yay, Friday.

Above photographs copyright Michael Kenna. All rights reserved.