Self-titled “artrepreneur” Andy Howell has launched a new online venture to “bring independent artists and brands the knowledge and guidance needed to successfully navigate the landscape of the institutional art and manufacturing worlds, as the two have begun to cross pollinate and ultimately mesh.” His goal is to give fellow artists a helping hand, a platform, an opportunity to turn all that starving artistry into gold.

In short, ArtsProjekt gives artists the opportunity physically manifest and sell reproductions of their original art and designs as prints, posters, apparel, footwear, skateboards, and more. More info via an interview with Keva Dine here.

Artists on homepage graphic (clockwise from left): Damian King, Shepard Fairey, Noumeda Carbone and Jesse Reno.

Artists on this page (clockwise from top left): Mario Sánchez Nevado, NorCal, Joseph McSween, Andy Howell and Sit.